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Does your income tax preparer know your personal situation well enough to notice when you miss a slip?

How long does it take to get your income tax filed, and are you paying too much?

Do your accountant and investment advisor coordinate to ensure you make use of all available credits and deductions?


Minimize Your Taxes

Improper income tax preparation and planning can lead to lost wealth, which makes minimizing tax an important aspect of any financial plan. At Innova Wealth, we pride ourselves on understanding the taxation impacts of investing and insurance planning.

By properly structuring one's finances, substantial income tax savings can realized.

Examples of such planning are as follows:

Fixed income

Holding fixed-income investments in registered plans to shelter their high level of taxation.


Attributing eligible deductions to the higher income spouse.


Structuring insurance to maximize tax benefits within a corporate setting when possible.

In all cases, your entire financial picture should be discussed with a professional to ensure that eligible deductions, structures, and expenses are in accordance to the Income Tax Act (ITA). For example, your specific situation as a business owner, pensioner, or medical professional can greatly influence your eligible deductions.

It is important that all individuals focus their tax savings efforts on deductions and credits that are available under the rules and regulations set forth by the ITA. For the careful planner, the opportunities are present and should be maximized when appropriate.

"Income Tax Planning is like playing basketball against the referee, you can only win if you play by the rules."