INWB Questionnaires

At Innova, we analyze your entire financial profile before building your personalized financial plan, ensuring a holistic approach to improve your financial opportunities and savings. The first step is to complete a financial profile questionnaire, which your Innova Advisory will discuss with you in greater detail to complete your needs analysis and risk assessment. 

Please select the appropriate questionnaire:

INWB Tax Worksheets & Forms

Income tax preparation services are offered by Innova Wealth Partners as a way of ensuring that tax returns are completed properly, on time, and in a cost-effective manner for our clients. To ensure your return is filed before the deadline, income tax documents should be submitted by the first week of April. The following is a list of documents outlining what is needed for filing an individual's income tax. Please see below for a copy of these forms.


New Client


Retirement Planning


MyCFO (Bookkeeping)


General Tax Information

A checklist of items required for the filing of a standard client's income tax. All clients should print and review to ensure that all necessary documents are sent in.



A required document for all clients who wish to have Innova Wealth file taxes on their behalf. Please print and sign this document and include it with your tax package.



This document authorizes us to represent you with CRA and is required for all clients who wish to have us prepare their return.

Business/Property Owners

As a business or property owner, you are entitled to a great deal of additional income tax deductions. How much to set aside for tax and how best to stay organized is detailed in our Small Business Income Tax Guide. We are happy to help you file your small business income tax but require that your information be placed on the forms below as we do not accept receipts.

Small Business Activity

A form to be completed by small non-incorporated business owners outlining business activities related to income tax.

Rental Income

A form to be completed by rental property owners outlining the information required for income tax. Please use the Small Business Activity Form if you incurred auto expenses.