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Is my Will up to date and reflective of my current assets and wishes?

Do I feel as though I have examined all potential avenues to ensure a tax effective distribution of my wealth?

Are my charitable contributions as tax effective as possible?


Maximize Your Estate

You spent a lifetime building and preserving your wealth and making sacrifices along the way to secure your family's future.

Estate planning is an important step in ensuring that your wealth is preserved and disbursed according to your wishes, as efficiently as possible. In particular, understanding and minimizing probate is an essential component of the estate planning process. If it is important for you to understand the impacts of taxation and probate on your finances, perhaps it is time for a complete review of your estate plan.

Maximize your estate

The estate planning process should be a pleasant, respectful process that involves listening and understanding one's wishes. A good financial advisor considers all aspects of a person's desires and coordinates a team of experts such as lawyers and accountants to ensure a smooth process for all those involved.