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Issue #58 - "Budget 2018 Update"

2018 Budget Update

Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the 2018 Federal Budget on February 27th in what is being billed as the “Budget that could have been a lot worse”.  It is most notable for what was not done to the tax code, as opposed to what was.  The following is a concise summary of the changes that may affect you and your family. 


What’s New

  1. Canada Workers Benefit

Replacing the existing Working Income Tax Benefit, the 2018 budget expands the amount of tax credits awarded to low-income earners.  In large part, this change is lauded as a great way to encourage capable individuals to make the move from unemployment and welfare to gainful employment.  

  1. CPP Enhancement

The Canada Pension Plan Enhancement will be phased-in in 2019.  This enhancement will include increased payouts for both parents who take time off of work to care for young children or individuals with severe and prolonged disabilities.  Increases to benefits for those who lose their spouse under the age of 45 as well as for those who remain disabled beyond age 65 were also included in this budget.

What Hasn’t Changed

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What’s New

What Hasn’t Changed

Spending & Other Areas of Interest

All in all, this budget was lacklustre given that all the big changes affecting small business owners were announced throughout 2017.  Bruised and beaten from the combination of the minimum wage increase, the elimination of income splitting, and the potential threats to NAFTA, business owners are breathing a sigh of relief that no other surprises are on the horizon, at least in the near term.


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